Certain plans come to fruition only when there's no alternative. The concept that would later become "Lula's Petals" was on my mind since 2019 yet I was too entertained by walks at the botanical garden to stay home and figure out the more technical aspects of photographing flowers under spectral light.  Just as I was looking for the first bud of 2020, the botanical garden was closed to the public.  I felt left out of spring, flowers were to bloom without me. 
After weeks of stubborn sulking I gave this crazy lighting idea another try. Once I had it all figured out I indulged in being alive, I reveled in ideas, listened to books and chased sunbeams through every window of the house. Given no alternative I was happy. Since this project is the result of happy days in trying times, I hope you feel as much happiness looking at them as I did creating them. 

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